The Center for Life Detection (CLD) is one of the three branches of NfoLD (along with Oceans Across Space and Time (OAST) and the Laboratory for Agnostic Biosignatures (LAB)). Headquartered at NASA's Ames Research Center, the CLD is rising to the challenge of developing the tools and technologies required for life detection, of bringing together the diverse community of researchers in the realm of life detection science to determine how and when physical phenomena and instrumental measurements may signify a life detection scenario, and of extending our community internationally and across disciplines to support space missions and explore the phenomenon of life.

News and Updates

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The Life Detection Forum (LDF) Project

The Life Detection Forum (LDF) is envisioned as a web-based tool, organized around the concept of an evaluative framework for biosignatures, to promote and centralize the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and dialog as Life Detection science & technology evolve.  A well designed and well-utilized LDF will serve to amplify the life detection community’s voice, providing a clearer path for infusing program and mission planning with astrobiological expertise.  The LDF is meant to be ‘of the community and for the community’.  Your feedback, ideas, and participation will be critical to its success, and there are multiple ways to become involved.

Workshops from the CLD

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