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Criteria for Biosignature Evaluation: Workshop Resources


The goal of this virtual workshop was to engage the community in solidifying criteria against which to evaluate the utility of specific measurements in achieving specific life detection objectives.

To take part in the workshop, participants were asked to:

  • Completing a pre-workshop homework (see below)

  • Attend two 1-hour live sessions, 1 week apart, with work carried out asynchronously during that week. Each session included a presentation, led by Niki Parenteau, as well as breakout groups or discussions of the topic.

There were two iterations of this workshop, one occurring between 13 and 20 August 2020 and another taking place between 15 and 22 September of 2020.

Pre-Workshop Requirements

Workshop participants were asked to review the document "Criteria Selection Background and Rationale" in preparation for the workshop

Post-Workshop Information

The first iteration of this workshop included 42 participants, while the second iteration included 27.

List of participants:

Stephanie Getty, Niki Parenteau, Andrew Pohorille, Tori Hoehler, Justin Lawrence, Jennifer Blank, Peter Willis, Charity Phillips-Lander, Jordan McKaig, Emily Felder, Dana Burton, Grace (Ziqin) Ni, Linda Jahnke, Felipe Gomez-Gomez, Aaron Noell, Sarah Waller, Kevin Clark, Elizabeth Spiers, Tristan Caro, Joey Pasterski, Joshua Anadu, Anurup Mohanty, Emily Kurfman, Taylor Plattner, Ashley Hanna, Judy Malas, Lindsay Rutter, Mark Elowitz, Devyani Jambhule, Miranda Kok, Chris Lindensmith, Roland Hatzenpichler, Graham Lau, Sanjoy Som, Andro Rios, Richard Quinn, Alfonso Davila, David Des Marais, Marc Neveau, Mariam Naseem, Nurbanu Erolmez, Tomas Drevinskas, M Ferreira Santos, Maria Mora, Sherry Cady, Elizabeth Jaramillo, Florian Kehl, Jeffrey Marlow, Jennifer Eigenbrode, Lu Chou, Lee Bebout, Nurbanu Erolmez, Alison Murray, Svetlana Shkolyar, Nathan Ernster, Eric Lundin, Heather Graham, Natalie Grefenstette, Jeff Bowman, Rajani Dhingra, Giada Arney, & Stephanie Olson

Videos from the Workshops

1st session intro and plenary video

2nd session intro and plenary video

What Comes Next?​

The Center for Life Detection is currently in the process of preparing a workshop report from these meetings for announcing their findings to participants and the rest of the community as well as for proposing next steps. There was also a Workshop Debrief presentation offered by Dr. Tori Hoehler (NASA Ames) that offers an overview of the outcomes from the meetings and how the results of the workshops on criteria will be used in future workshops and the development of the Life Detection Forum.

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