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The Life Detection Forum (LDF) Project

The LDF project responds to a call from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine for development of “a comprehensive framework…to guide testing and evaluation of remote and in situ biosignatures” (2018 NASEM report on Astrobiology Strategy). 


The objectives of the project are:

  1. To organize the life detection community in developing such a framework

  2. To use this framework in constructing a web-based tool  (the “Life Detection Forum”) to exchange knowledge and ideas as life detection science and technology evolve. 

The LDF Workshop Series

The LDF virtual workshop series engages the community in developing an evaluative framework for biosignatures. 


The series will:

  • Define the conceptual basis for an evaluative framework

  • Introduce a draft LDF web tool

  • Develop content for the Knowledge Base within the tool

Past and Forthcoming Workshop Events
(Click each link to access a description and resources for that workshop)

Complete (Fall, 2020)

Complete (12 January 2021)

19 January 2021

Beginning 25 January 2021 (rolling)

Image by Greg Rakozy
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