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Virtual Workshop on Life Detection Science & Technology

The NASA Planetary Exploration Science Technology Office and the NASA Astrobiology Program will be sponsoring a virtual workshop on the inter-connections between life-detection science and technology this coming spring. The workshop, hosted by Network for Life Detection research coordination network, will be held in two parts:


March 21-25, 2022 (16:30-20:30 UTC)

Five half-day sessions focused on life-detection science. 

April 11-15, 2022 (16:30-20:30 UTC)

Five half-day sessions focused on life-detection engineering.


The goal of the workshop is to bring scientists and engineers together to identify and discuss high-priority approaches to life-detection, define measurement requirements, and to identify corresponding instrument technology gaps. The workshop outcome will include published recommendations on life-detection technology development needs.


Participation from academic, commercial, and government science and engineering communities is welcome. Attendees will be required to participate in both parts of the workshop. Additional information on the workshop format and the application/registration process will be available before February 7, 2022.  


If you're interested in attending, please inform the SOC by registering intent at this link.


Science Organizing Committee (SOC):


Laurie Barge (NASA JPL)

Kate Craft (JHU APL)

Chris German (WHOI)

Christopher Glein (SWRI)

Marc Neveu (NASA GSFC)

Macarena Parra (NASA ARC)

Richard Quinn (NASA ARC)

Stephanie Getty (NASA GSFC)

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