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NfoLD Video Gallery

NfoLD Think Tank on January 17, 2023

Topic: The Science and Technology of Orbilander


Nozair Khawaja - Status of Enceladus' Subsurface Organic Material

Shannon MacKenzie - Enceladus Orbilander: A mission concept to search for Signs of Life

NfoLD Forum on November 22, 2022

Topic: Peptides for Life Detection


Ricardo Arevalo- Detecting peptide biosignatures via laser desorption mass spectrometry (LDMS)

Brook Nunn - Revealing metabolisms of psychrophilic bacteria to low nutrient, high salinity, subzero environments to find peptide motifs for life detection

NfoLD and NExSS Standards of Evidence

Background videos for the Standards of Evidence Workshop during the summer of 2021. Topics include an analysis of the reporting and science of phosphine detection on Venus, the history of the Viking Lander biology experiments, and an overview of remote sensing and in-situ detection methods.

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