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(NfoLD Communication and Organizational Team)

NCOT is composed of volunteers focused on all manners of communication, internal and external, within NfoLD. The mission of NCOT is to promote NfoLD science among its members, highlight NfoLD research to the public, and foster collaboration between NfoLD members. In addition, NCOT provides support to the NfoLD Leads, Action Groups, and the Early Career Council to strengthen the internal connections that are the foundation of NfoLD. To address these goals, NCOT is divided into 5 sub-teams. Responsibilities are distributed throughout these sub-teams to not overburden individuals, and members are allowed to reduce their engagement as needed to allocate time towards their external responsibilities. This document will be updated as needed to reflect changes in the goals of NCOT or individual sub-teams.  

Join NfoLD

If you are interested in joining NfoLD and being a part of NCOT, please fill out an application to become an Affiliate Member!

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