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Check out NfoLD's research in an easily to consume form! See the highlights from the exciting things we've discovered as we search for signs of life in the universe.

Aspects of the biological carbon cycle in a ca. 3.42-billion-year-old marine ecosystem


Xeno Amino Acids: A look into the biochemistry of alien life "As We Do Not Know It"


Solid-State Single-Molecule Sensing with the Electronic Life-Detection Instrument for Enceladus/Europa (ELIE)


Endogenous CO2 ice mixture on the surface of Europa and no detection of plume activity

Villanueva Nugget_3.png

Detection of phosphate originating from Enceladus's ocean


Orbit-to-ground framework to decode and predict biosignature patterns in terrestrial analogues

2023-05 Rhodes Nugget_AD.png

Detection of Biosignatures by Capillary Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometry in the Presence of Salts Relevant to Ocean Worlds Missions


Shallow-sea alkaline hydrothermal vents are favorable environments for prebiotic chemistry on early Earth and potentially other planets

Barge and Price 2022.png

Organic synthesis associated with serpentinization and carbonation on early Mars


Organic Molecules Revealed in Mars's Bagnold Dunes by Curiosity's Derivitization Experiment

Millan (2021)_Final.jpg

Polar Microbes Give Peptide Clues for Detecting Life on Icy Worlds

Brook 2021_Nugget_Finalized.png

Generalized Stoichiometry and Biogeochemistry for Astrobiological Applications

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