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OWA Workshop Notice (Ocean World Analog Field Site Assessment Workshop)

This workshop will develop a framework for analog field site justification for the Ocean Worlds Community. The workshop will be in-person and will be jointly sponsored by the NfoLD and NOW RCNs. The goals, and deliverables, of the workshop are:

  • A community developed set of standards for evaluating Ocean Worlds Analog sites that evaluates the fidelity of each site on a continuum of objectives with respect to the science questions posed

  • An assessment of the effectiveness of this framework using specific field site examples

  • A (hopefully) consensus document with “best practices” guidelines to gauge the fidelity of analogy sites

Save the date for the Ocean World Analog Field Site Assessment Workshop (OWA) happening October 13-15 of this year. This will be a shoulder meeting following the GSA (Geological Society of America) Connects 2022 meeting which runs from October 9-12.

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