A key goal of NfoLD is to facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas and dialog across a broad cross-section of the life detection science and technology community. As such, one of the first priorities of the steering committee was to create a mechanism that enables members of these communities to become part of NfoLD. The ‘Affiliate Member’ designation was established to address this priority. The purpose of the Affiliate Member program is to facilitate progress toward meeting NfoLD goals and objectives by engaging community members who wish to contribute actively to those pursuits.



     ‘Affiliate’ refers to a person, group, or organization whose research interests, goals, and vision are aligned with those of NfoLD, and who are, have recently been, or would like to be, actively participating in NfoLD activities (workshops, conferences, virtual seminars, white papers, working groups etc.). There is no requirement for affiliates to be US-based; international affiliations are encouraged to strengthen collaborations with the global community of scientists involved in similar research. 



     The primary intended benefit of affiliate membership is to foster closer ties with a network of researchers pursuing similarly-themed work, and thereby to provide enhanced context and visibility for the affiliate’s work and ideas. Via participation in “Action Groups”, affiliates may also propose or lead NfoLD initiatives and propose for any of the enabling resources that NASA makes available to the RCN’s. Additional benefits include:


  • Participation in resource sharing initiatives

  • Access to mailing lists: NfoLD-public, NfoLD-wide, and/or Action group-specific (in progress)

  • Access to the NfoLD website as a user (in progress)

  • Listing in NfoLD Life Detection Research Directory (in progress)


     Maintenance of affiliate status requires that the affiliate participates actively in NfoLD activities. As with all NfoLD members, affiliates should refer to, and abide by, the guidelines in the NfoLD Rules of the Road when interacting with the NfoLD community in order to maintain a safe, diverse, transparent and productive research environment. Violation of these stipulations will result in disaffiliation.



Clicking below will take you to a form that requests the following information:

  • Individual and host institution name (or group name, group members, and host institutions(s), if applicable). Please note: you must be actively affiliated with an institution, university, government organization, or other accredited body in order to request Affiliate Member status.

  • Contact information, included for listing on the NfoLD directory

  • Expertise keywords

  • Brief description of current or former life detection-themed research activities

  • Brief statement of why the applicant is interested in joining NfoLD and how they intend to contribute to its goals and objectives, including election of one or more ‘Action Groups’, and/or Early Career Council, in which the applicant would participate actively

  • Brief bio and (if desired) picture, for inclusion on the ‘people’ section of the NfoLD website


Applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee, and applicants notified of the outcome via email.  New affiliates will receive a copy of the NfoLD ‘Rules of the Road’, and will be asked to provide written/electronic acknowledgement of receipt and agreement to abide by the standards of conduct outlined therein.